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Drug Education ... Misuse Intervention ... Overdose Preventiion with Naloxone HCL

About projectjj79

projectjj79 is the name of a Plan created to raise public awareness about accidential and/or intentional misuse of prescription opiate (opioid) "painkillers" and fatal opiate (opioid) overdoses in the United States.

The Plan is to raise public awareness about the fact that misuse of prescription opiate (opioid) painkillers could be significantly reduced by mobilizing Health Care Providers; Public and Private Insurance Provides; Pharmacy Benefit Managers; and State and Federal Agencies to work together with concerned citizens and create comprehensive policies and cost effective programs to help support harm-free prescription opiate (opioid) lifestyles and environments.

The Plan is to raise public awareness about the fact that fatal opiate (opioid) overdoses can be prevented (and have been with great success for many years):

  • On April 13, 1971 the FDA approved an opiate antidote called Naloxone HCL
  • Naloxone HCL marketed as Narcan, has been used by EMT's and Physicians as an emergency antidote to reverse symptoms of opiate poisoning and prevent fatal over-doses in the United States for decades
  • Take-home Narcan (Naloxone HCL) Rescue Kits have been distributed to illicit heroin users in 11+ States by Harm Reduction Outreach Programs for over 10 years
  • Distribution of Take-home Narcan Rescue Kits to prescription opioid users is PROHIBITED in the United States (all 50 States!)
  • Prescription opiate (opioid) and illicit heroin users have a right to defend their lives against accidental poisonings and fatal overdoses with Naloxone HCL - Under the same principles society uses to justify medical precedents that give people an Epipen if they're allergic to bee bites or a person when they're diabetic, Glucagon for an insulin reaction
  • The longstanding restrictions and reluctance to expand the use of Naloxone HCL to all prescription opiate (opioid) and illicit heroin users is clearly out-dated, oppressive and must be eradicated.

The Plan is to raise public awareness about the urgent need for all prescription opiate (opioid) and illicit heroin users to have access to overdose prevention with Expanded Naloxone HCL Programs and Take-home Narcan Rescue Kits.

The Plan is to identify the problem and solution with one word ... projectjj79.

The Plan is to promote the projectjj79 Goals and Objectives as the basic concepts required for draftng "New" State Legislation designed to implement Prescription & Illicit Opiate: Drug Education, Misuse Intervention and Overdose Prevention that includes Expanded Naloxone Programs with Take-home Narcan Rescue Kits.  

The Plan is to develope an Informational Website that will help promote projectjj79.

The Plan is to schedule Community Evernts and provide the public FREE information about prescription opiate misuse, abuse, suicide, overdose and death, with overdose prevention training materials for Naloxone HCL.

projectjj79 is a social improvement plan designed to help make our world a healthy, compassionate and vibrant place for everyone. The projectjj79 Goals and Objectives could become the practical tools used by all adovocates for Prescription & Illicit Opiate: Drug Education, Misuse  Intervention and Overdose Prevention that includes Expanded Naloxone Programs with Take-home Narcan Rescue Kits, in any State.

... NEWS ... | Press Release | 02/11/2013 | Colorado Senate Health Committee to Vote Thursday on New Legislation that Would Help Prevent Drug Overdose Deaths 

... NEWS ... | DPA Naloxone Issue Brief | Expanding Access to Naloxone: Reducing Fatal Overdose, Saving Lives  click here

Presently, the projectjj79 Advocates are promoting this Plan in Colorado.

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