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projectjj79 Goals and Objectives

How will projectjj79 help prevent prescription opiate (opioid) drug overdoses and save lives in Colorado?

Goal #1: Use the projectjj79 Website and Community Events to help educate the public about prescription opiate (opioid) painkillers addiction, misuse, abuse, suicide, overdose and death. Objective #1: (more later).

Goal #2: Use the projectjj79 Website and Community Events to help promote the following seven Objectives as the basic concepts required for drafting "New" State Legislation designed to implement Prescription & Illicit Opiate (opioid) Misuse Intervention Policies:

1. Before issusing any patient a prescription for opioids, all health care practitioners would be required to provide their patients with the following: (a) Information about the potentially fatal health risks associated with opioid use (e.g. Central Nervous System and Respiratory Depression). In addition to, disclosing the FACT that prolonged opioid use will eventually result in physical addiction, psychological dependence and need for substantially higher doses with more frequent administration; (b) Information about the opioid antidote Naloxone with training on how to properly administer the medication in an emergency; (c) Harm Reduction Care Plan; and (d) A prescription for Naloxone.

2. All patients choosing to use prescription opioids would be required to: (a) Review the required information about Opioid Narcotics and Naloxone; (b) Complete Naloxone Training; (c) Have a Harm Reduction Care Plan; and (d) Fill Naloxone prescriptions as instructed, or risk having opioid prescriptions SUSPENDED for noncompliance.

3. All health care practitioners and pharmacies, prescribing-filling opioid prescriptions, would be required to: (a) Refer all Medicade and Medicare patients engaging in risky and/or illicit drug-seeking behaviors to a State or Federal "Lock-In Program" (e.g. restricts a patients access to receiving health care and opioid prescriptions from one practitioner-one pharmacy) and all other opioid users to the proper authorities; and (b) With STRICTER consequences for all practitioners and pharmacies that don't.

4. All public and private safety organizations (e.g. police, fire, EMS, first responders) and emergency hospital staff  (e.g. EMS Medical Directors, EMS Base Physicians, ED Doctors and other ED practitioners) would be required to: (a) Follow and/or provide patients with a universally accepted "Standard of Care" for the treatment of opioid overdoses and suicides; and (b) That at minimum, stresses the life-saving benefits of "Airway and Antidote" together with "Rapid Response and Transport" protocols.

5. The State of Colorado would be required to: (a) Establish or support Community Outreach Programs to help all illicit heroin/opioid-users reduce their vulnerability to disease or death; and (b) Provide Expanded Naloxone Programs (e.g. Harm Reduction Care Plans) together with other valuable resources (e.g. free clean needle exchanges, free condoms, free HIV and Hepatitis testing, help accessing detoxification programs with Naltexone ABT, Methadone OST).

6. Under projectjj79 all public and private, health care practitioners and community workers, WOULD BE PROTECTED from all disciplinary action for prescribing and/or distributing Naloxone to patients, clients and care-givers who have: (a) Received and reviewed all information about prescription and illicit opioids and Naloxone; (b) Been properly trained to administer Naloxone and have shown they are capable of admini-stering the medication in an emergency; and (c) A Harm Reduction Care Plan.

7. Under projectjj79 all individuals who've met the requirements in paragraph #6: (a) WOULD BE ALLOWED to administer Naloxone during an opioid overdose emergency, and (b) PROTECTED from civil/criminal prosecution for practicing medicine without a license.

Goal #3: Use the projectjj79 Website and Community Events to help educate the public about the need for Prescription & Illicit Opiate (opioid) Overdose (poisoning) Prevention with Expanded Naloxone Programs. Objective #1: (more later).

Goal #4: Use the projectjj79 Website and Community Events to help educate the public, state health departments, US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and National Center for Health Statistics (NSHS) –that the ICD (International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems) Morbidity and Mortality classifications need to be updated to include reports of Untreated and Improperly-treated Opiate (opioid) Overdose (poisoning) Death Statistics.

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