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  Naloxone HCL Saves Lives and So Can You!                                                   Don't Let A Loved On Die!  Get Narcan Now!

Naloxone HCL also marketed under tradenames Narcan, Nalone and Narcanti

Naloxone is a u-opioid receptor competitive antagonist, and its rapid blockage of those receptors produces rapid onset of withdrawal symptoms. Naloxone is specifically used to counteract life-threatening depression of the central nervous system and respiratory system. 

Naloxone HCL is the "one and only" emergency antidote for opiate (opioid) overdose (poisoning) ... there is no other! Anyone suffering from life-threatening symptoms of opiate poisoning, must receive Naloxone HCL to reverse CNS/respiratory depression, restore breathing and prevent death.

Tens of thousands of lives could be saved from accidental opiate overdose deaths if ... naloxone were more widely available and opiate users, caregivers, and first responders were trained in its use.

Please take a moment to read this article Intranasal Naloxone for At-Home Opioid Rescue, published by Stewart B. Leavitt, MA, PhD.

These three videos about Naloxone HCL are used in Harm Reduction Outreach by the Chicago Recovery Alliance to help stop overdose deaths by illicit drug users.

Take Home Naloxone - The Right to Survive Overdoses

Naloxone (1 of 2)

Naloxone (2 of 2)

For more information about harm reduction outreach programs and Naloxone Opiate Overdose Prevention/Intervention please visit the Chicago Recovery Alliance website at:

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